Ways To Cut Calories For Weight Loss

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"Small changes mean big results in the long run" - Anthony Robbins
Are you looking for little tips that applied on a daily basis can equate to results in the long run? Or perhaps you're looking for an edge to give your pre-existing diet plan? You've come to the right place. This is a list of little sneaky ways you can cut calories to your everyday diet that on a long term basis, cause weight loss. As much as this can be an effective tactic, I would sincerely suggest a direct approach to weight loss in addition to this. Direct approach meaning: dropping 50 pounds through strict diet, self control and exercise. However if a strict diet isn't up your ally, this will help you anyway, enjoy!
Oh but before I get started with the list; here's some motivation for you. Cutting 100 calories a day = 10 pounds in a year. 250 calories = 26 pounds! These are very easy to implement and don't require any effort.
-Eat wholegrain instead of refined carbohydrates (brown bread as opposed to white bread) as this gives a sustained release of energy. Refined products spike your insulin, shoot you with energy and you go on a sugar crash, depending on how much you ate. Sugar lows result in hunger pangs and make you desperately claw for an easy sugar fix. Wholegrain mitigates this affect so you're less likely to rush to a food source and gorge yourself. Oatmeal, fruits and vegetables are also great options for sustained release of energy.
-Eat bacon instead of sausage with your eggs.
-Eat a yeast doughnut instead of the denser kind.
-Pour more milk and less cereal into your bowl.
-Adding low fat cottage cheese to a plain salad can make it much more filling and make you less likely to want to add something more substantial to it or eat something later.
-If you order a burger, ask for it without the cheese.
-If you order a beverage at the cinema or drive-through (if you really have to) get the small.
-Select wholegrain bread for your sandwich.
-Choose shredded parmesan instead of sliced cheese. The taste of cheese is still there but you just consume less.
-Trade butter for trans-fat free margarine
-Choose thin slice crust if you get a pizza
-Add more water to your soup
-When making a cake or muffin, replace half (or all) of the butter with mashed banana or applesauce to reduce calories.
-Eat a chocolate coated strawberry instead of a bar of chocolate.
-Eat fruit before every meal. In a Pennsylvania State University study, people who munched apples 15 minutes before lunch ate about 187 fewer calories.
-Share one big meal with a friend instead of ordering and eating two separate meals.
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Good luck on your weight loss journey!


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