Beer and Cancer

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When people talk about the relationship between beer and cancer, the immediate idea that comes to mind is one of a negative and unpleasant connotation. True enough, excessive consumption of many alcohol beverages like beer can lead to many serious forms of cancer that can often be fatal. However, what many people do not know is that when beer is consumed in the right amounts, it can also provide a very healthy benefit in the form of cancer prevention and mitigation.
Yes, beer and cancer prevention can go together if beer is not abused but rather consumed in moderation. Here's how and why this is possible.
· One of the compounds found in beer which it derives from hops, one of the most basic beer-making ingredients, is xanthohumol. This is a form of antioxidant which plays a vital role in regulating the production and secretion of testosterone and estrogen. Many cases of prostate and breast cancers have been closely linked to the over-secretion of these two hormones. A daily diet rich in xanthohumol from beer can significantly improve and balance the production of testosterone and estrogen which can help to minimize the risk for prostate and breast cancers.
· There are also indications of early research results from Germany hinting that one of the benefits of beer is that it can help reduce the risk for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Hodgkin's lymphoma is a type of cancer which affects the behavior of white blood cells. Research indicates that the presence of moderate levels of alcohol in the blood can significantly improve the biological processes that regulate the production of white blood cells leading to the reduction of risks associated with Hodgkin's lymphoma.
· Beer and cancer are also closely linked in the case of kidney cancers like renal cell carcinoma. According to studies, moderate consumption of alcohol was associated to lower risk of kidney cancers as the nature of alcohol being a diuretic can regularly engage and improve kidney functions which in turn prevent the development of cancer cells.
Now, we've already mentioned the important fact that excessive alcohol consumption can also trigger a variety of cancers. For this reason, defining the maximum recommended alcohol intake for any individual is crucial so one can enjoy these beer and cancer benefits without putting themselves in the negative column. For this, doctors and nutritionists recommend up to a maximum of 2 pints per day. A healthy average of 2 glasses per day for women and 3 for men is the expected baseline with which beer drinking is most advantageous without the side effects that come with alcohol addiction. These averages will depend on the size of the individual.
So, as it turns out beer and cancer aren't just connected at the hip in a negative way but also share a positive connection. If you worry about contracting cancer particularly of the breast, prostate, kidneys, or Hodgkin's lymphoma, then it may be helpful to add a glass or two of beer to your daily diet. Like all simple but powerful dietary changes, this can be the thing that you need to help you reduce your risks for cancer. Now, that would truly be some benefits of beer well worth some cheers.


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