How To Define Your Waist Without Too Much Effort

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The hourglass figure is one of the greatest trademarks of femininity and grace - not only does it stand for proportion and evenness, but it has also proven to be more attractive than out cup size. Also, a high waist-hip ratio is considered to be a sign of fertility, thus men are attracted to this figure on biological grounds.

 Nevertheless, your desire of a small, defined waist may have nothing to do with attracting the opposite sex. I, for example, decided that I want to define my hourglass figure after I read Gone With The Wind and was introduced with Scarlett's corsets and petite figure. Nowadays, I believe the new Scarlett O'Hara is Dita Von Teese - her waist measures only 22 inches! Most of us may never reach this measurement, but we can at least try, can't we?
My mother once told me that you couldn't call yourself a real woman without knowing how it feels to diet. I laughed back then, but now, looking in retrospect, I have to agree. If you want to define your waist, you have to combine two major lifestyle changes: eat healthy and exercise. I know, you are probably sick of reading about exercising and are still hoping for a wonder-solution which will tone your muscles and define your curves without you having to lift a finger, but sadly, we are still looking for the fountain of youth and there aren't too many signs that it'll show up any time soon.
If you want to lose weight around your waist you should focus on working your transverse abdominal muscles. Pilates or yoga exercises will definitely do the trick. If you want to lose weight in your whole body, however, you can either go for classic jogging, which is known to burn up to 1000 calories a session, or for dancing. Combine dancing with aerobic and you get zumba, the new work-out trend. It's very important you start with easy exercises and you work your way to the difficult poses. Otherwise, you risk getting exhausted way too fast and abandoning your journey towards the ideal measurements. Attending group classes is also a good way to stay motivated.
Diet is as important as exercising: you can lose half a pound after running for 30 minutes and gain it back on if you eat a whole pizza once you get home. You don't have to make major changes in your current diet if you want to lose weight, unless it is based on fast food and other saturated fats. Try eating small meals rich in nutrients and fibers while gradually reducing rich dairy products, sweets, sodas and replacing them with low-fat dairy, fruits and tea.
Most importantly, try not to think of it as something temporary and change your lifestyle instead. Eating healthy products will make you feel rejuvenated and will boost your energy level. You can also try reading a self-help book if you feel you can't do it by yourself. Allen Carr's Easyweigh to Lose Weight, for example, can prove to be helpful, especially if you've recently quit smoking and are familiar with his name.


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