How to Get Skinny Legs and Thighs Fast at Home

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One of the most popular goals for women seeking to lose weight and gain muscle tone is to lose inches in the waist and thigh area. While women of all ages have these body shaping goals throughout their lives, it can be an especially strong desire for moms - especially new moms.
While spot reducing fat is a bit of a myth, it's absolutely possible to target and tone specific areas for women. It doesn't take being super skinny to see results quickly, either. It takes work - it's not super easy - but it doesn't take special equipment or a gym, either. With some regular exercise and attention to diet, reducing fat and seeing more toned muscles in your abs and thighs is a goal you absolutely can achieve!
How to Get Skinny Legs and Thighs Fast at Home
1. Exercise
You didn't think I'd be able to leave out exercise as a way to improve the appearance of your legs, did you? The fact is this. Muscle burns fat faster than any other body tissue. So when you exercise, not only are you building your muscles, especially in your legs and thighs, but you're also helping your body burn fat more efficiently.
Exercise also builds your balance and flexibility - important things for women throughout our lives (especially after hormonal changes of mid life). Types of exercise you might consider are squats, lunges, or even something as fun as playing hop scotch with your kids! Exercise builds your strength, endurance and muscle tone - all things that are important to helping you lose unwanted fat and see muscle tone sooner.
2. Consider running for exercise
If your knees aren't a problem, consider adding a running component to your exercise routine. It's free, doesn't require a gym or weights, and it can be done virtually anywhere! Helping your body to boost your metabolism through raising your heart rate is a great way to help your body burn fat.
There are a number of great apps out there to help you develop a running program if you've never run before or haven't run recently.
3. Want to appear skinnier? Improve your posture!
While it's not technically reducing your legs or thighs, if you improve your posture, it will make you look overall healthier and slimmer. Your mom was right about that! One trick for helping you to improve your posture is to imagine a string in the middle of your head, going up to the sky. Not sure why, but it works!
These are just a few tips and tricks for helping your body appear leaner, especially in your legs and thighs. What are your favorite ways of tightening, toning and firming your problem areas?


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