Mom's Trick to Losing Weight

Posted by Mourad Jabbour On Thursday, April 4, 2013 0 comments

Okay, so you recently spent nine months carrying your new baby, and then you spent 3-4 months getting used to the whole mothering thing. Now, you are a pro at changing diapers, as a matter of fact you could probably do it blind folded, and you have got the nursing, or bottle feeding, down pat. It is about this time when you get sick and tired of those zipperless maternity pants and you are ready to get fit and fabulous again.
Well, losing baby weight comes easy for some, but for most of us it is a serious challenge. The biggest challenge is that there simply is not enough time in the day to do the things you need to do to lose weight. We don't have an hour to ourselves to head to the gym, and we certainly don't have the time, energy or desire to prepare each and every meal according to calories or even point values.
Being on a diet is consuming, and right now a very important baby is consuming your time. I wish I could say it gets easier as your children get older. Once they are in school you have more time for diet and exercise, right?
Well, that is just not the truth. The truth is no matter if your baby is 4 weeks, 4 years or 14 years old, dieting is a challenge.
Okay, so where's the magic, right? Where's the ONE THING that can help me lose this baby fat?
Here it is... you have to be on a diet plan that works for the ENTIRE family. Yes, it is that simple. There are diet plans that will provide you cookie cutter meals and ask you to follow a certain plan, and there are plans that require you to work out for at least an hour a day. Well, those things cater to you, which is fabulous, but catering to just you is not an option any more. Now, you have to cater to the family.
So, you need a plan that will not only make you healthier and thinner, but will benefit everyone in your family, too.
There are cookbooks, blogs and even videos to help you cook for your family, and that is awesome. However, in order to really beat the unhealthy habits and kick start your weight loss you need a combination of healthy living that works for you and your family and a strict plan to keep you focused.
The one big secret is to treat your diet plan like you do everything else in your life now; as a family decision. Choose a diet plan that can keep you feeling good, eating good foods and providing your family with healthy options, too.
The good thing is that making these changes and losing the baby weight is very possible. It takes dedication, motivation and support, but with your whole family working as a team you can and will lose your baby weight.


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