Staying Young And Beautiful: The Natural Way

Posted by Jabbour Mourad On Thursday, April 18, 2013 0 comments

Who doesn't want to look beautiful forever? It may not be as simple as it seems, but it is definitely not rocket science to be able to stay beautiful for years. Following some simple tips and a healthy lifestyle, you can attain that glow and vibrancy that you had always desired. Here are some tips on staying naturally beautiful and young:
- Take adequate breaks. Recent studies have shown that stress causes significant changes in the body that only accelerates aging. It is seen that 60- 90% of all doctor's visit each year are for stress- related problems like anxiety, obsessive anger, depression, hostility, insomnia, heart attacks, high blood pressure, etc. To reduce stress, sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, relax your muscles, roll your head, neck and shoulders and breathe deeply. Repeat this once or twice daily for 10- 20 minutes.
- Healthy fats help stabilize your mood, prevent visible signs of aging in the body, and helps maintaining bone strength. Omega3s also have the ability to pull out fat from storage, particularly the hips, and use it as energy. Omega3s helps to keep you healthy and your skin radiant. Experts suggest that you have at least 2 grams of Omega3 fatty acids every day. Have plenty of fatty fish, like salmon and also walnuts. If you aren't getting enough omega3 fatty acids from your diet, consider having fish oil supplements.
- Make a exercises a part of your regular routine. It will help you lose weight, build healthier bones, tone muscles and even boost your mood. Walking for just 10 minutes a day can help you avoid the risk of Alzheimer's by 40%. Schedule 3 20 minutes work in a week. Choose any form of exercise that you enjoy most, be it running, swimming, cycling or dancing.
- As an alternative to exercises or an add on, you can do yoga. It will give you more energy, greater flexibility, better posture, improved mood and less stress. Through conscious yoga breathing, you become aware of the connection between mind and body. Do yoga regularly or at least twice a week.
- Have plenty of fruits. Much of research is going on different types of fruits. It has been found that pomegranates are more beneficial than other fruits. A glass of pomegranate juice helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and help reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It also helps prevent some forms of cancer. It also protects the skin from damage caused by UV rays.
- Have 2- 3 cups of green tea daily. It has numerous health benefits and will also keep you young and glowing.
- Abstain from using cosmetic products that contains chemicals as their ingredients. Though they may be able to produce immediate results, they are only harmful in the long run. Buy organic products for skin care from stores that sell them.


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