Top 5 Things Keeping You From Losing Weight

Posted by Mourad Jabbour On Friday, April 5, 2013 0 comments

1) Snacking
I am talking about the "harmless tiny little bites" you take during the day. I know it's easy to think those don't really count, but once you get in that habit, those snacks start adding up. This is especially dangerous in the holiday season, because everywhere you go there are some new snacks to try. Although it may seem like nothing to have a few snacks here and there, these really can dramatically slow down your weight loss goals. Try for a week or so to be very cautious about those little snacks, and you should see a major difference!
2)You Aren't Exercising right
What I mean by this is, do you have a plan when you start your workout? Do you usually bounce around from machine to machine until you feel tired or bored? Or maybe you have that favorite elliptical by the TV you always go to. Do you ever get your heart rate up above 100 bpm?
There is a science to exercising with the goal of burning fat. Doing the glute kickback machine or only doing low intensity cardio won't get you the results you are looking for. You need to be doing medium to high intensity cardio (heart rate is at least above 100 bpm) and weight training with compound movements (like a squat and overhead press, or walking lunges with a bicep curl). These are the things that are proven to burn fat and increase your metabolism, which leads to a more lean and toned body.
3) You Aren't Prioritizing
Another common roadblock to weight loss is not prioritizing this goal enough. If you are just hoping to lose weight while you keep eating poorly or infrequently exercising, you will be disappointed. There will always be reasons not to workout that day, but if you make your weight loss goal a priority, you will find time. The commitment is the hardest part. If you can get this part down, the rest will be smooth sailing.
4) Start Making New Habits
Most times we have formed a lot of bad habits over our lifetime. Whether it be how little we exercise or the sweets we get hooked on, these habits have to be broken and replaced with good, healthy habits. Remember I am giving advice on how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, so this has to be a lifestyle change. Be mindful of the habits you have developed, and start by making small changes. This won't happen overnight, but is a critical step in losing weight and keeping it off.
5) Monitor Your Carbs
This may be one that, if changed, could give you the most results the quickest. Here in the US, we love our carbs! Here are some examples: we serve bread sticks with our pizza, we serve garlic bread with our pasta, and our burritos have a tortilla, rice, and a side of chips! That is more than your daily recommended intake of carbs in one meal.
Here is a quick lesson in "carbology 101″- Carbs are a source of instant energy for our bodies, and are necessary in the right quantities for us to function properly. But if they aren't used/burned off, the extra gets stored in our bodies as "body fat".
So in short, if we don't have excess carbs, we can stop gaining body fat. Yet you should not cut out carbs completely. They should make up about half of your caloric intake. So if you eat 1400 calories per day, try limiting your carbs to 650 of those calories.
Bonus Reason 6!) You could be gaining muscle
Note: this would only be a reason if you are working out
You have probably heard muscle weighs more than fat, and it's true! My advice here is focus more on how you look, how your clothes fit, and how you feel. Your body composition is changing, and your clothes will start getting looser, and you will be getting leaner and stronger. If you are experiencing what I just mentioned, that means you are working out right but need to focus a little more on the diet.
Remember to acknowledge and celebrate all the small accomplishments along the way! You are bettering yourself in so many ways, and that is something to be proud of!


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