Why Do Muscles Get Bigger With Exercise?

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Have you seen the muscles of bodybuilders? Why are they so big? If you are wondering what makes your muscles big and short, continue reading.
Your muscles are made up of muscle cells. Each muscle cell is composed of protein strands that lay side by side. When you use your muscles, your brain will send a signal to your cells to have these protein strands contract. When they contract, they usually slide over other strands. 
This process makes your muscles appear bigger and stronger. If you want to have a better illustration, get a few strands of strings. Slide each string over one another until everything comes together. What did you notice? The strings are not as long as before however they created a bulge and they look bigger now. This is exactly what happens inside your muscle cells. The more you use your muscles, the bigger they get because the protein strands continually slide over one another during the process. This binding of protein strands also makes the muscles stronger.
Now that you know why the muscles become bigger, the next thing you need to be aware of is how you can actually make them bigger. The main idea is to put stress on the muscles. The muscles need stress in order for them to contract and become bigger. One major hormone that helps in this process is your adrenaline. These fight and flight hormones are responsible in making your muscles big and strong. When they are released, the body circulation in your body becomes better. 
The better the flow of blood is, the more oxygen your body parts can get. This is also true for the case of your muscles. When they get more oxygen from the adrenaline release, it will be easier for your body to contract the muscles and make them stronger for physical emergency purposes such as when you are running a marathon.
Of course, you do not have to always rely on the fight or flight situations in order to bring stress to your muscles. You can do this by working out. Doing weightlifting exercises and other power exercises will tone your muscles. However, you should remember one important thing - rest. After stress, you need rest. 
This is because when the muscles are stressed, they do not grow. They are simply being pressured and worked up. It is when you rest that your muscles grow big and strong. Therefore, you should be overwhelmed and overindulged in doing weightlifting exercises. You should rest once in a while to relax your muscles.
Muscle adaption is another factor why our muscles becomes big and strong. Your body is accustomed to your daily activities. It knows how much energy to generate because it understands your habits and energy needs. It is also familiar with the weight of your body parts and it understands how much muscle expansion you need. 
This is the reason why your muscles do not grow no matter how much your flex them without weights. If you want to make them bigger, you need to use weights. Your body will adapt to this new weight of your arms and it will tell your muscles to contract more. However, you should not lift very heavy weights if you are not yet used to them because they can cause muscle injury.


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