Why Is Weight Loss Important In The Case Of Obese Children?

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Although obesity and other weight-related problems are more pronounced in adults, it also has a serious impact on children. According to a recent survey, in the United States, one out of every five children is overweight or obese, and this number is rising. Obesity provides several disadvantages for the children, exposing them to the risk of developing chronic diseases and diabetes later in life. The child may also suffer from depression, stress, and low-esteem.
Obesity can be caused due to several factors. The most common factors are unhealthy eating pattern, genetic factors, lack of physical exercises, or a combination of these factors.
Obese kids are more prone to a number of physical conditions, which includes:
  • High cholesterol: Children can have high amount of cholesterol in their body, which can show its pronounced effect when the child gets older. Too much of cholesterol leads to the build up of plaque which clogs the arteries and blood vessels, leading to serious chronic problems as the child gets older.

  • Early heart disease: Early heart diseases can include arrhythmias (abnormal heart beats), a disease of the cardiac muscle, valves, blood vessels etc. It can even lead to heart attacks. The child suffering from this problem can experience chest pain, or a feeling like heartburn or indigestion.

  • Bone problems: Obesity results in large number of bone problems both for the old and for the young. The child suffers from severe pain in the foot along with many other developmental disorders which gets more pronounced with age. Some of the bone defects associated with obesity are Flat feet, Misalignment of the knees, Osteoarthritis, Deformities of the hip and bowed lower legs.
In order to fight against obesity, weight loss is very important. Preparing a good diet chart for an obese child is very crucial, because improper dieting in the case of children can be detrimental to their health. To help an obese child to loose weight parents should take care of the two most important factors:
  • Selection of the right type of food - For weight loss, obese children must avoid junk food or fatty food and instead they should consume healthy vegetables and fruits. They should properly chew the food to avoid indigestion. Rather than eating three large meals, obese children can go for six small meals. Eating in excess amount should also be avoided.

  • Proper exercises - the right type of exercises can help in weight loss. If obese children exercise on a regular basis they can surely see positive results after a certain period of time.


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