10 Foods That Help To Lose Weight

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Are you finding it difficult to lose weight in spite of the regular workouts? Along with exercises, you also need to have a diet plan which includes the foods which assist in weight loss. Consume as much water as possible in a day; with the minimum being eight glasses. Here let's take a look at foods that will aid in weight loss.
Eggs - Skip doughnuts, bagel and croissants in the morning. Instead consume an egg omelet with vegetables and tofu thrown in it. Consume a couple of slices of wheat/multigrain toast. Eggs are the most filling food rich in protein when you are on a weight loss program.
Green Tea- Instead of consuming coffee or your regular cup of tea with sugar and milk/cream, try a cup of green tea to kick start your day. It will boost your metabolism.
Apple - An apple is a low-calorie snack that you can chomp at any time of the day. The antioxidants help prevent metabolic syndrome and aids in weight loss.
Broccoli- This veggie is a rich source of fiber and calcium. Consuming a bowl of broccoli salad is filling and keeps your stomach light.
Mushrooms- They are rich in water content and protein. Sautéing sliced mushrooms with olive oil with a sprinkle of paprika and salt will make a good filling for sandwiches. You can swap mushrooms for meat in many of the dishes.
Cabbage - This vegetable is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C. Therefore a great immune booster. You can have it either raw pr make a salad with ginger vinaigrette dressing. You can also toss in a few slices of apples.
Soup- Include either vegetable or chicken soup in your diet. They are not only filling but also keep cold and cough at bay. Researchers at Purdue University speculate that the soup satisfies hunger because the brain perceives it as filling.
Grapefruit- A study conducted at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic revealed that eating half a grapefruit before each meal or drinking a serving of the juice three times a day helped people drop more than three pounds over a period of 12 weeks.
Cinnamon-. Research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that a little cinnamon can help control post-meal insulin spikes, which make you feel hungry. You can either sprinkle powdered cinnamon on your whole-grain toast or drink water boiled with cinnamon. It helps to lower the blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides.
Lentils - These are packed with magnesium, fibre and folate. You can cook them and toss them with green or just sprinkle salt and pepper. There are many recipes that use lentils instead of meat.
The other foods that you can consume include oats, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Use Tofu or cottage cheese instead of cheese because Tofu is an appetite-quashing protein. In brief, plan your meals and try to include lots and lots of vegetables and fruits. Cut down on oil, cheese and butter.


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