4 Best Tips for Low Carb Dieters

Posted by Mourad Jabbour On Tuesday, April 2, 2013 0 comments

If you're currently on a low carb diet and are struggling at times to maintain discipline, it actually doesn't have to be as regimented as maybe you are making it.
Consider 4 of the following and probably most widely used tips by low carb dieters to make this diet plan succeed.
1. You Can and Should have High Carb Days
Low carb diets should not restrict a high carb binge at least every fortnight.
When you give up a high carb diet, your body might hit a plateau, so ensuring this doesn't happen, a few high carb days a month will stop any slowdown in metabolism your body may be experiencing.
2. Restrict Exercise Workouts in the Beginning
When you begin a low carb diet your body will be low on muscle glycogen. This is what gives your body strength during long workout sessions, so start off doing short stints down the gym.
This way when you're a couple of weeks to a month into your diet you can up the pace as you will have more muscle glycogen stored meaning you will reap greater rewards from an anaerobic workout.
3. Keep Hydrated
Apart from the obvious reason to regularly drink water, low carb diets tend to make you feel more thirsty during the day due to their high protein and low healthy carbohydrate consistency.
Also if you are taking a fat burning supplement or an appetite suppressant, by drinking more water, this in turn helps suppress your hunger even more.
4 Stock up on Vegetables
There's no reason why vegetables can't be enjoyed and even binged on.
Absolutely packed with nutrients with virtually no calories, veg can be enjoyed as a side dish such as bok choy and oyster sauce, with even some fresh prawns or homemade fried potatoes with low calorie mayonnaise and ground black pepper.
There are so many moreish vegetable dishes out there, eating plenty of veg will make you feel fuller, serve your muscle tissue with the essential nutrients for working out and some can actually be naturally rehydrating when fresh, such as carrots, beans and corn.
Bottom line:
If you're on a low carb diet, by implementing these 4 simple dieting tips, it's easy to step away from the routine and mix it up with the odd high carb day, plenty or variations of veggie dishes, a not too intense workout regime to begin with and plenty of fluids to keep hydrated and help suppress your appetite.


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