Are Populations Eating to Live or Living to Eat?

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Why do we constantly think about food? The many and varied fast food outlets available, may easily give you an appetite and the encouragement to walk in for a dose of fatty junk food! However, instead of putting on more weight, what about spending time in your own kitchen cooking a wholesome healthy nutritious meal and saving money?
Eating food- to-go on a regular basis is a habit for many people. It is a wonderful and convenient means of getting added weight in a hurry. This for a large number of people, one of the reasons to be overweight and rid about self-pride and caring how they look to others!
Fast food is for them a tasty escape into pleasurable self-indulgence. One excuse is that time is precious and they are in a hurry keeping up today's fast lifestyle and little time to relax. Looking at the size of some "fast-fooders" rushing anywhere is impossible.
Loneliness and low self-esteem is often one of the reasons for eating chips, cakes and chocolates. It is a boost for the morale and offers a great feeling of companionship and sharing with all the other burger cravers.
Alone and craving company, builds a need for compensation for the feeling of isolation when boxed in four walls without a soul to talk to. Sugary food, chocolates, cakes and the biggest burger make up for it; for a short time!
Munching like this with regularity instead of only an occasional binge adds on many unwanted pounds to your figure. Nevertheless, why worry when you have so much company in your nearest fast food joint! It is so easy to put on the weight, but it is very difficult to lose.
Another factor is stress related food- craving. When stressed out the need for relief often motivates people to the fridge to grab whatever they can find; any time of the day or night. The habit is easy to get into and more convenient than only eating at regular mealtimes.
It is also a recognised fact that snacking before a meal increases your appetite rather than suppressing it.
Genetics also play a role in some people's fat content. If your ancestors were on the large size, then automatically so will you have the tendency to become big.
With so much of the population waddling about protruding large quantities of excess fat, the question does arise as to whether this is the latest fashion for men and women. The skinny 'twiggy' look is definitely out. So, is the gross 'fatty' look the "in thing"?
Being overweight or obese does increase chronic disease risk. Diabetes, heart disease and forms of cancer are among the most common, together with shortened life expectancy.
The occasional chocolate or slice of cake will not do you any harm; just do not make it daily eating. Vegetables, fruit, health bread, nuts and raisins in your daily diet can be just as enjoyable as rushing to buy junk food, don't you think?
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