Easy Things to Do Outside of the Dieting Inner Circles

Posted by Mourad Jabbour On Tuesday, April 9, 2013 0 comments

Several months ago I started on a diet that changed my world both physically and mentally it was called the herbalife advantage program.
I did not know it then but looking back on that experience changed the way that I think about weight loss.
Many people think that when you start a diet that it's all about looking good and getting in the shape you've always wanted but for me it was different; I started the diet because I literally felt like crap all the time.
You see I've had a fast metabolism all my life and could always really just eat what I wanted and never gain weight but then my bad eating habits started to catch up with me I realized that diets aren't just about losing weight; they are about being healthy, and sleeping better, and having more energy to do the things you want to do.
And so the physical reason for my dieting became about my friends, and my family, and my involvement in the community; In truth my physical reason for dieting became focused not on myself but on how I affected the people around me and I realized that a diet change was necessary for me to be in their lives for very long.
And so this is what I did to make myself more active.
First I made a status on my Facebook to say that I was going to be more active; It sounds so simple but it's probably the most important step because then the whole world would hold me accountable to my statement or at least my small group of friends would. And the great thing is that they not only held me accountable but also encouraged me to do what I said I would do.
The next step was to get involved in my community this was probably the hardest step mainly because my community is so small and also because they aren't very active either so I had to get out of my little town and start going to neighboring cities to be involved and volunteering all the while trying to be more healthy in my own eating habits, and also in my activities.
Step Three; The Personal Statement.
The last step I made was to make a private proclamation to myself that I would be healthier and to do this I used notepad on my laptop computer to make over thirty copies of a page that said in the biggest font I could write "I Will Be Healthy" and I taped it on every wall in my house simply because when I was at home I was the weakest, and I needed that reminder keeping me on track everywhere I went.
These three steps are your personal key not only to losing weight, but to do anything you want to do. Dieting is not the answer and being active is not the answer either, but one healthy balanced diet plus an active life almost always equals weight loss and incredible energy and in addition it will put your energy to good use.
Stop dieting and start living healthy and you won't regret it.


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