Look Good, Feel Better And Be The Best - Advantages Of Sleeve Gastrectomy

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In the advent of increasing numbers of people suffering from lifestyle diseases associated with weight, health experts are running campaigns on weight loss as a preventive measure to some of the life threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Many have joined fitness centers and others opt to enroll in weight loss programs, all in a bid to lose weight. For some however, even diet pills have proven ineffective. This is where surgical measures such as sleeve gastrectomy are applied.
What is sleeve gastrectomy?
This surgical weight loss procedure ensures that you limit your food intake, because you feel fuller much faster. With this restrictive surgery, a vertical gastric sleeve is created in the stomach, while the rest of it is removed. This leaves you with a banana-size stomach pocket. This procedure has exuded good reviews, since people who have undergone it have shown significant weight loss, coupled with various health improvements.
Benefits of the procedure
With the various weight loss surgeries, the quality of life and health are what many speak of enjoying, together, of course with a new look which is brought about by the weight loss. This procedure carries with it benefits, among which include:
· Short hospital stays - Laparoscopic technique is mainly used to perform sleeve gastrectomy surgery. This means that the procedure is short, and you will have a short stay at the hospital. You will also experience less pain, as the scars you will get from the surgery done with laparoscopic technique, are smaller. This also facilitates faster healing and recovery, as compares to what would be the case in open surgeries.
· Saving on cash - Sleeve gastrectomy saves you some money. Weight related diseases are usually costly to treat. High cholesterol and type 2 diabetes will cost you money, as they require drugs and doctors' visits to manage them. Having this surgery will only require a onetime cost, and the rest is just an effort to maintain the new look.
· Reduced cravings - Clinical studies have shown that with a gastric sleeve, the craving for sweets drops by a long shot. Also, there is noted a reduction in the level of ghrelin, a hormone which regulates hunger.
· Improved quality of life - Many consider bariatric surgeries such as gastric sleeve surgeries as a ticket to a second lease of life. The patients have acquired high self-esteem, most willing to have more time to do physical activities. These patients later on become more productive, since they feel better to work hard and improve on their economic opportunities.


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