How Do I Lose Weight With a Hypno Band?

Posted by Mourad Jabbour On Wednesday, April 3, 2013 0 comments

Losing weight with gastric band hypnosis begins with an awareness of the problem and a clear vision of the goal one hopes to achieve. This would then lead to an interest to explore this particular method, and learn its many advantages over other weight loss techniques.
Some people would still rather go for surgery, since this yields almost immediate results. Others, though, choose to take a more practical approach in resolving their weight problems. Hypnotherapy has gained popularity over the years for its efficiency in both shedding excess weight off, and keeping you fit and healthy for good. But how exactly is this done?
Weight loss hypnosis works on a subconscious level to help the client modify the behaviors that are keeping him from achieving his desired weight. Although, basically, it's about convincing the brain to believe that a gastric band has been fitted around the stomach to reduce its size as well as the client's appetite for food, it really is more concerned about behavior modification.
Have you heard of yo-yo dieting? Perhaps you're even guilty of it. This is the type of dieting that goes with the latest fad, works effectively for a while, only to go right back into overeating and regaining all the weight you have lost. This cycle can either repeat itself over and over or frustrate a client so much that he gives up on dieting completely.
Hypnotherapy, since it deals with the subconscious mind, leads to more permanent results. It aims to eradicate the greedy tendency that comes naturally to humans, who have a deep-rooted fear of starvation. When a person over eats, it's really him giving into the subconscious worry that there may not be food next time.
Also, hypnotherapy doesn't take control away from the client. Since no surgery is needed, it's risk-free, safe, and does not require several days away from work to recover. In fact, a client can quite easily listen to audio hypnotherapy sessions anywhere.
This method convinces the subconscious that food is more accessible in today's society than it was in the past. This in turn will eventually decrease the amount of food a person eats. It utilizes the power of the mind and requires determination and commitment. In order to keep up with the session needed to achieve full results, you should outline the reasons why you want to lose weight. This method of gastric band hypnosis ensures you stay on track to reach your goals.


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