My 11-Step Slimming Program

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Recently I wrote an article 'Is Slimming Down in Your Future? I decided that it may be a good idea to expound on that article. You don't necessarily have to give up everything you enjoy, just substitute. I would often enjoy a glass of wine with my meals and one or two chocolate chip 'protein' cookies each evening,
If you've been yo-yo dieting then you know that those diets just don't have 'staying power.' The hardest part, I think, is making the decision and sticking to it. And, I'm so glad I did.
About five years ago I was introduced to a company which only promotes all-natural, organic Asian herbal formulas which balance and harmonize your body -- naturally. I got so excited when I started learning about all the health benefits offered. Being introduced to this 'new arena' of health really pointed me in a different direction. I then started doing more research around herbs and their benefits.
After a visit to a nutritionist I then added exercise. Over the next 5 years I ran, lifted weights, got ¾ way toward my black belt in martial arts, did yoga and more. Dabbling in them all gave me a feel of what I enjoyed most and what felt right for my body.
The research and experience helped me to expand my mind and my body, and, it finally clicked! It can happen! Just find the right slimming program for you.
Not all these 11 steps are possibly necessary for everyone - but they worked for me for a number of reasons.
  • I liked planning my meals in advance - gave me something to look forward to and I felt organized
  • After my initial food purchase, I found I was saving money weekly
  • I felt contented because I was eating 'real' food
  • My body was feeling satisfied
  • I seemed to have more energy - naturally.
  • I found it easy to do
Following are 11 steps I used in my Slimming Program:
  • Organic foods (mostly) - I did the best I could and didn't beat myself up if it wasn't all organic
  • Ate every 2 ½ - 3 hours (Small snacks like 4 gluten-free crackers with Almond Butter; A small shrimp cocktail with celery, bell pepper & cucumber)
  • No Fast Food - Fast food is addictive. The less the better.
  • Ate what I wanted - not a 'diet'; ate only one serving; Healthy choices, yet my choices (i.e., Fish, chicken, pork; not fried; would splurge with a small steak once in awhile; Salad or fresh vegetable (1/2 my plate); Brown rice, coucous or small red potato
  • Lots of water (added lemon or essential lemon oil); dropped the diet soda
  • Exchanged dairy milk for Almond milk (would drink some Almond milk before meals - keeps the fat from absorbing into the body)
  • Exchanged wheat bread for gluten-free bread (found I had an allergy to wheat)
  • Exercised at least 4 times per week for about ½ hr +
  • Carried water and a 'good snack' in my car - in case the 'hungrys' appeared (i.e., Soy nuts, Soy nuts with a blend of Asian 'trail mix', Almonds (about 4 as a snack), Protein Bar (as a snack would eat ¼ - ½; sometimes a whole one would serve as my breakfast or lunch)
  • Increased fiber and protein
  • Slimming Products from the Asian herbal company (soaks, patches, internal formulas and slimming programs)
    • The soaks helped to improve my circulation, increase my metabolism, breakdown my fatty deposits, remove toxins and addressed my cellulite!
    • ~ The patches increased my metabolism and helped curb my appetite.
    • The internal formula suppressed my appetite and helped rid my body of built-up toxins which I found out also effect weight loss.
    Just make one or two changes at a time if it seems too daunting. Soon you will notice that your daily habits have changed and the new slim you will appear.
Diann Clark is co-founder of Ancient Herbal Secrets, an all-natural product company which helps to balance and harmonize your body for long-lasting Health, Beauty and Longevity.
These centuries-old secret (Bi Bong) formulas are made in USA, from hand-selected organic Asian herbs and 'Mom & Pop' type service, quality, and Guarantee. Discover the root of health and healing.
Our Slimming and Weight Loss programs work from inside out detoxifying your organs to enhance their functions; circulation is improved, metabolism is increased, hunger is reduced, fat deposits are broken down and released from your body--bringing your body back into balance.


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